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Belik V.P. Birds in the XXI century: towards synanthropization

Belousova A.V., Milyutina M.L. Approaches to assessing the conservation status and priorities for the protection of Birds proposed for inclusion in the new edition of the Red Data Book of Russia

Belyalov O.V. Wintering of waterbirds in plains of Semirechye

Berezovikov N.N., Filimonov A.N. Population status of relict gulls on the islands of Alakol Lake in the 2010-2014

Berezovskiy V.G., Sakharbaev A.A., Pauels O. The study of population dynamics baseline species of birds on the territory of ground facilities of the International Consortium NCSPSA in the North Caspian

Bliznetsov A.S. Features of space-biotope distribution and ecology of petrophytic bird species in southern part of Central Siberia

Blokhin Yu.Yu. Russian-French projects for study of the resources of snipe in European Russia

Blokhin A.Yu., Tikunov I.M. Rare species of birds of Northern Sakhalin: current status, threats and conservation perspectives

Bogdanovich I.A. Flight planning, bipedalism

Bologov I.O. About the Atlas of birds in Kurgan

Bolshakov K.V., Evstigneeva M.D., Bulyuk V.N. Do thrushes use different signals during migratory flight at night and during the day?

Bolshakova M.M. Age distribution and reproductive status of males in local populations of the whitethroat

Borovaya N.A. On the possibilities of ornithological tourism in the Western Altai (East Kazakhstan oblast)

Borodin O.V. Contribution of non-professional photographers to the study of regional birds

Boyarinova Yu.G., Babushkina O.V., Chetverikova R.S., Starikov D.A., Lubkovskaya R.S., Kavokin K.V. Influence of photoperiodic conditions on migration activity of day and night migrants: an experimental study

Bragina T.M., Bragin E.A., Valyaeva E.A., Ruleva M.A., Demesenov B.M., Bekker V.R., Venediktova D.P., Koptev A.I., Menzelintseva E.I. The role of student clubs of birdwatchers in conservation and protection of birds

Bragin E.A., Katzner T., Bragin A.E., Garselon D., Sharp P., Lanzone M. Direction, nature and timing of autumn migration of white-tailed eagles from northern Kazakhstan (Kostanai oblast)

Brezgunova O.A. Organization of collective roosting of corvids

Brigadirova O.V. Classification of water and water-related habitats in Tula region and description of their ornithocomplexes

Bublichenko Yu.N., Isachenko G.A., Sukhachova L.L. Using landscape mapping and remote sensing data to identify types of habitats of birds (with example of the Gulf of Finland)

Bulyuk V.N. Why do so many young adults and little robins stops on the coast of large bodies of water during autumn migration?

Buslakov V.V., Sharikov A.V. Demographic and phenological aspects of ecology of Kestrel in the northern Moscow region

Bukhalova R.V., Gerasimov Yu.N. Monitoring the number of nesting passerines in Kamchatka

Vaitina T.M., Shitikov D.A. Age differentiation of advertising song of whinchat. 9 6 Valchuk O.P., Lrlyukhina E.V. Variety of autumn migration policies of Emberizidae in Southern Primorye

Vanyushkin A.V. Bird Population of the Saransk military town

Varlamov A.E., Eryomkin G.S., Mischenko V.N. Rare birds in the west of Bryansk region

Vartapetov L.G., Livanov V.G., Livanova N.I., Ishigenova L.A. The spatial organization of the bird population in the middle taiga of the Urals and Siberia............1 0 1 Vengerov P.D. The breeding productivity of Song Thrush in the condition of growth of spring temperatures in the forest of the Russian Plain

Vergeles Yu.I., Atemasov A.A., Banik M.V., Kucherenko V.N., Prokopenko S.P. New data on migration of White-headed duck Savka in Crimea

Vetrov V.V. About the number of urban groups of Kestrel in Ukraine as an example of Lugansk city

Vetrov V.V., Milobog Yu.V. Number of Marsh Harrier in the steppe zone of Ukraine

Vilkov E.V. Features of the genesis and evolution of marine lagoons of Dagestan and their role in the conservation of migratory birds

Volkova N.V. The current state of knowledge about the Neogene avifauna of Kazakhstan

Volkova N.V., Kalyakin M.V. Mouthparts of Sylviidae as a source of phylogenetic information

Volkova N.V., Razmadze D.T., Zelenkov N.V., Koblik E.A. Early evolution of passerines (Passeriformes): conflict of molecular data and the fossil record...............1 1 1 Volkov S.V., Grinchenko O.S., Sviridova T.V. Phenology of autumn migration of gray crane in the northern Moscow region due to weather and climate variations

Voronina K.K. Avifauna of Intrazonal forest steppe intermontane basins in south of Central Siberia

Voronov L.N. Problems of development of functional, ecological and evolutionary criteria of progressive development of the forebrain of birds

Voronov L.N., Gerasimov A.E. Ecological and morphological aspects of the structure of the forebrain of birds of the family Motacillidae

Voronov L.N., Konstantinov V.Yu. Analysis of ecological and morphological patterns of the main fields of the structure of the forebrain of birds of the family Fringillidae

Vysotskiy V.G. Analysis of long-term data banding of woodcock in the northwestern part of its range

Gavrilov A.E. Results of bird ringing in Korgalzhyn Reserve, Kazakhstan.......1 2 0 Gavrilov V.V. Clutch size in passerine birds in the Moscow region, depending on the distance of bird migration

Gavrilov V.M. The effectiveness of the existence of passerines and non-passerine birds

Gavrilov V.M., Golubeva T.B. Endotermia - the basis of high activity and sensory providing of birds

Galimova D.N., Askeev I.V., Askeev O.V. Birds of the Late Holocene in Middle Volga region (based on archaeological excavations)

Galisheva M.S. About breeding of warblers in the central parks in Yekaterinburg

Galisheva M.S., Krasheninnikova O.V., Mescheryagina S.G., Ovsyannikova N.P.

Ornithological school as a form of research training and the promotion of ornithology among the children.

Gashkov S.I., Kudashova N.N., Chapkina T.V., Alekseev A.A., Kovalevsky A.V., Averina E.P., Yakovchenko T.A., Il'yashenko V.B., Klyueva A.A., Gorshkova L.A., Belsky E.A., Lyakhov A.G., Fomenko S.A., Tymoshenko A.Yu., Dubinin M.V.

The sex ratio in populations of Great Tits in Western Siberia.

Gerasimov Yu.N. Nesting biology of Olive Thrush in Kamchatka

Germogenov N.I., Degtyarev A.G., Degtyarev V.G., Sleptsov S.M., Egorov N.N., Sekov A.N., Vladimirtseva M.V., Bysykatova I.P. Overview of Gruiformes in Yakutia: species diversity, ecology, migration and security

Germogenov N.I., Egorov N.N., Sleptsov S.M., Sekov A.N. Winter nesting birds in Yakutia

Germogenov N.I., Sidorov B.I. The case of full and partial albinism in birds of Yakutia

Gistsov A.P. Changes in the number of rare birds in the delta of the Urals and the north-eastern coast of the Caspian Sea

Glazov P.M., Dmitriev A.E., Pokrovskaya O.B., Litvin K.E., Dorofeev D.S., Medvedev A.A. Monitoring of spring migration of geese in the central part of the East European Plain in 2004-2014: status and problems of protection.1 3 9 Gozhko A.A., Esipenko l.P., Lokhman Yu.V. New data on the pygmy cormorant nesting in East of Azov Sea

Golovan V.I. Changes in population density of birds in the model area (Gatchina district of Leningrad region)

Golubeva T.B. Types of ontogenesis of birds: evolution, development of analyzers and ecological niches of species

Gomel K.V., Kheidorova E.E., Nikiforov M.E. The study of phylogeography of Willow Ptarmigan using mitochondrial marker cox1

Goncharov D.A. Specificity of distribution of commensal colonies of gulls in residential habitats of Minsk and the buffer zone

Gordienko T.A., Ivliev V.G. Influence of trophic factors on the spatial distribution and population dynamics of birds nesting in the surface layer of the forest......1 4 7 Goretskaya M.Ya. Variability of the fine structure of Passerines song as a reflection of acoustic interactions

Goroshko Z.A., Kusenkov A.N. Span of birds on land reclamation system of polder type

Goroshko O.A. Influence of long-term climate cycles on bird populations and their habitats in the Daurian steppe (SE Transbaikalia, NE Mongolia, NE China)

Grinchenko O.S. Common Crane in North of Moscow region

Grishanov G.V., Grishanova Yu.N. Biological invasions of birds as potential for the formation of urban populations in the south-east of the Baltic Sea Region 1 5 3 Grishutkin G.F., Spiridonov S.N. Gray crane in the Republic of Mordovia.......1 5 5 Grischenko V.N. Favorability index of the year as a tool for monitoring studies..1 5 6 Gubin B.M. Distribution and abundance of Houbara Bustard in Kazakhstan....1 5 7 Gumbatova S.E., Askerova S.A. From the bird watching observation in Guba region, North-East Azerbaijan

Davygora A.V., Shpigelman M.I. Long-term dynamics of the local avifauna on an example of Lake Sulukol, West Kazakhstan region

Danilenko A.K., Danilenko E.A. Larks as objects of study and cartographic analysis of the structure of their ranges

Danilenko A.K., Danilenko E.A. On the wintering of the blackbird in Moscow 1 6 3 Dvoryanov V.N. Some features of Scops Owls nesting in the highlands surrounding Almaty area

Debelo P.V., Levykin S.V. Distribution and abundance of rook in the border region of West Kazakhstan - Orenburg Oblast (Russia)

Denis L.S. The longline distribution of birds in different forest types in the Oka Reserve

Dzhamirzoev G.S., Bukreev S.A. Wintering waterfowl and wading birds in the Dagestan coast of the Caspian Sea

Dzhigerova F.M. Morphometry of nests and egg indicators of some species of small passerine birds in Southern Dagestan

Dmitryonok M.G., Pakul P.A. On the estimation of the number of black stork in the Polesie region of Belarus

Domashwvskiy S.V., Dombrovskiy S.V., Franchuk M.V., Skirpan N.V. The state of the breeding population of Greater Spotted Eagle in Rivne Reserve (Ukraine) in 2012-2014

Dorofeev D.S., Dobrynin D.V., Kazaknskiy F.V. Estuaries of Khairyuzovo and Belogolovaya rivers - a key place for migratory shorebirds of Western Kamchatka

Dugintsov V.A. About breeding of Little Grebe in the south of Upper Amur region

Durnev Yu.A. Essay on the comparative ecology of northern and Hume's leaf warblerls in sympatric zone, based on materials from the Baikal region....1 7 5 Durnev Yu.A., Badmaev V.S., Mandzhiev Kh.B. Peculiarities of the dynamics of areas of passerine birds of the Northern Caspian in the early XXI century, based on the Chyornye Zemli nature reserve

Durnev Yu.A., Feodorov A.V. Materials on the feeding ecology of Pallas's rosefinch in the mountain ranges of the Baikal region

Egorova G.V., Movchan E.A. Ecological and behavioral adaptation of hollownesting birds in urban landscapes

Ezhova O.V. Nutrition of Ural Owl and Eagle-Owl in captivity at a zoo on the example of Udmurtia

Emelyanova V.I. Adaptation of geese in an anthropogenic landscape of the south of the Central Siberia

Emelyanova V.I., Temerova V.L., Emelyanov P.V., Kovalevskiy E.V., Morozov I.S.

The present state of the span groups of Bean in Khakassia

Eryomina O.I. Terms of spring arrival of birds in Ridder, Western Altai...........1 8 4 Ermolaev A.I., Lebedeva N.V., Rodimtsev A.S., Skrylyova L.F., Savitskiy R.M., Miklyaeva M.A. Features of ecological linkages of Kestrel and Red-Footed Falcon in the valley of Lake Manych-Gudilo

Erokhov S.N., Mischenko V.P. New data on bird migration over the waters of the North-East of the Caspian Sea

Estafiev A.A. Larks in the European North of Russia

Zhatkanbaev A.Zh., Elzhanov A., Elzhanov A.A. On the ecology of Pallas's sandgrouse in the Southern Balkhash

Zhatkanbaev A.Zh., Zhatkanbaev D.M. Delta of Ile River - a new nesting place of the Saker Falcon in the south-east of Kazakhstan

Zhukov V.S. The composition of the avifauna of the Arctic form of range in Northern Eurasia

Zhumanov M.A., Ametov Ya.I., Arepbaev I.M., Tleumeratov S.A. The results of ornithological studies of Sudochie system of lakes during the breeding season in 2014

Zabashta A.V. Birds that create a hazard to aircraft at the airport of Rostov-on-Don City

Zabashta M.V., Moskvitina E.A., Pichurina N.L., Vodyanitskaya S.V., Verkina L.M., Bereznyak E.A., Simonova I.R., Dvortsova I.V., Romanova L.V., Averianov I.T., Orekhov I.V., Zabashta A.V. Birds as carriers of pathogens transmissing natural focal infections in the Rostov region

Zablotskaya M.M. Trends of changes in recent years in the bird population of main forest biocenosis in Prioksko-Terrasny Reserve

Zakar'eva S.I. Retrospective analysis of the number of small swan on the eastern Caspian Sea

Zaripova S.Kh., Gavrilov A.E. Peculiarities of the autumn migration of Streptopelia on the Chokpak (Shakpak) pass in the foothills of Western Tien Shan.......1 9 8 Zatsarinniy I.V. Changes in the avifauna of the northwest of the Kolskiy Peninsula over the past century

Zinoviev A.V. Some features of the muscles of the hind limbs of Dodo (Raphus cucullatus, Raphinae, Columbiformes) in connection to terrestrial life......2 0 0 Zorina Z.A. Elementary thinking of birds: insight in the use of tools................2 0 1 Zubakin V.A. Russian Ornithological Committee - the first experience of coordination of ornithologists in Russia

Zubkova E.N. Morphological and functional features of mouthparts of filepittids (Philepittidae, Suboscines Passeriformes), a comparative analysis with other screaming passerines of the Old World

Zubkova O.A. Peculiarities of nesting of gray flycatcher and pied flycatchers in recreation areas

Ivanov A.P. Migration of plovers on steppe reservoirs of European Russia:

abundance, distribution, phenology

Ivanovskiy V.V. The dynamics of population parameters of Long-eared Owl in Belarussian Lakeland

Ivanchev V.P., Kotyukov Yu.V. Biology of the Marsh Harrier and its biocenotic value in the Ryazan region

Ivaschenko A.A. Ornithological studies in the central part of the Trans-Ili Alatau:

History and results

Ivliev V.G. On the possible role of interpopulation factors in the formation of cyclic fluctuations in numbers of birds

Il'ina I.Yu., Marova I.M., Ivanitskiy V.V. Comparative analysis of populationgeographic differentiation of song of the two closely related species of warblers

- Warbler and Chiffchaff

Il'yukh M.P. Recent changes in the ecology of birds of prey and owls in Stavropol region

Il'yashenko E.I. Cranes on agricultural lands during migration and wintering..2 1 5 Iovchenko N.P. Adaptive features of annual cycles of birds in the mountains of Central Asia (Tien Shan)

Iovchenko N.P., Noskov G.A., Khrabriy V.M. The Red Data Book of St. Petersburg as a tool to address the conservation of rare species of birds in a metropolis.2 1 8 Isabekov A.A. The emergence of local birdwatching in Kazakhstan..................2 1 9 Isakov G.N. About breeding of stilt in Chuvashia

Kavokin K.V., Tchernetsov N.S., Pakhomov A.F., Boyarinova Yu.G., Kobylkov D.S.

Investigation of the physical principles of magnetic compass of birds on the example of garden warblers

Kazannik V.V., Serebryakov V.V. Migration of geese in the north of the Sumy region of Ukraine

Kazantseva L.S., Romanov V.V. On the structure of the breeding bird population in suburban settlement in the Middle Priklyazmya, Vladimir region..............2 2 4 Kazartseva S.N. Ecological-landscape system of agriculture in the formation of avifauna

Kapitonova L.V. Great Tit and Japanese Tit on the north-eastern edge of the zone of sympatric

Karpova N.V. Dynamics of the number of waders listed in the Red Data Book of the Republic of Khakassia in the last 20 years

Karyakin I.V., Kovalenko A.V. Steppe Eagle: causes of globally declining numbers and opportunities of species conservation

Kashkarov O.R. Development initiatives of birdwatching in Uzbekistan:

prerequisites, problems and prospects

Kashkarov R.D. The current status of Egyptian Vulture in Uzbekistan..............2 3 2 Kashtanov A.L., Slaschinina Ya.A. Dynamics of the number of birds of prey in Klyasminskiy Zakaznik and Balakhninsk Lowland

Kvartal'nov P.V. Paternal care in the warblers of the genus Phylloscopus.........2 3 5 Kenina N.S. Intrapopulation ecological differentiation in Western Jackdaw......2 3 6 Kiskina N.A. Monitoring of avifauna of neighborhoods base Topolyok (Tumen) using fine-mesh nets to catch birds

Klimova S.N., Shilo V.A. Peculiarities of grouse breeding ex-situ in captive complex of the Institute of Systematics and Ecology of Animals of Siberian Department of RAS

Knysh N.P. Peculiarities of Red-backed Shrike breeding activity in the forests of the North-Eastern Ukraine

Kovalevskiy A.V., Il'yashenko V.B., Skalon N.V. Attachment to the breeding grounds of small Passerines on the banding results in the biological station KemSU Azhendarovo, Kemerovo region

Kovalenko A.V. Wintering of waterbirds on Shardara Reservoir, Southern Kazakhstan

Kovshar V.A., Karpov F.F. Monitoring of wintering sites of birds on the east coast of the Caspian Sea in 2008-2014

Kovshar V.A., Kovshar A.F. Ornithological tourism in Kazakhstan

Kolenov S.E. Long-term dynamics of the winter bird population in the forest Zavolzhe of the Chuvash Republic

Kolyakina N.N. Studying the features of the spatial distribution of nests of corvids in Volgograd

Kondratenko G.S. New data about meetings of kittiwakes in the Northern Caspian

Kondrukhova S.V. Changes of the avifauna of Nurgush reserve over the last 20 years

Kontorschikov V.V., Grinchenko O.S., Makarov A.V. Azure Tit in the north of the Moscow Region

Korepov M.V., Korepova D.A. Classification of ornithocomplexes in central part of the Volga Upland

Korepov M.V., Stryukov S.A. Tolerance to the man - the most important factor of adaptation of imperial eagle to current economic conditions in the forest in Middle Volga region

Korkina S.A., Frolov V.V. State of Kestrel in the Penza region

Korkina S.A., Frolov V.V. New species of birds in the Penza region..................2 5 7 Korovin V.A. Birds of agrolandscape in Middle Urals: 2009-2011

Kosenko S.M., Kaygorodova E.Yu. Birds of Nerusso-Desnjansky woodland (Bryansk region, Russia): species composition, conservation status, number trends....2 5 9 Kostin A.B. The role of the reserve Kaluga abatis in the preservation of rare species of birds

Kotyukov Yu.V. Composition of family groups of common kingfisher and its determinant factors

Kouzov S.A., Kravchuk A.V. Peculiarities of the spatial distribution and territorial structure of the breeding group of mute swan in the Leningrad region and their environment determinants

Kouzov S.A., Loseva A.V., Kravchuk A.V. Plover in eastern part of Gulf of Finland:

trends in number dynamics, timing of reproduction and distribution of breeding birds

Kouzov S.A., Shilin M.V. The main trends of long-term dynamics of communities of hydrophilic birds of island zone in eastern part of Gulf of Finland............2 6 6 Kochanov S.K., Selivanova N.P. The current dynamics of change in species diversity and ranges of birds in the north-east of European Russia

Kocherga M.N., Romanov V.V. Preservation of genetic material of rare bird species

Koshkin A.V. Expansion of ranges of birds in the Tengiz-Korgalzhyn region, Central Kazakhstan

Krasnov Yu.V., Ezhov A.V. The impact of modern climate change on seabirds in the eastern Barents Sea

Krivenko V.G., Brigadirova O.V., Ravkin E.S. Distribution of birds in the northern taiga of the Yamal-Nenets Autonomous District

Kryukov A.P., Lobkov E.G. Genetic specificity and origin of some corvids in Kamchatka

Kuzikov I.V. Assessing the role of warblers in the formation of deaf cuckoo range in Russia by the method of imposing ranges

Kuznetsova E.S. Time given by a pair of White Wagtails to parental care when raising fledgelings

Kulagin S.V. Inventory of Important Bird Areas in Kyrgyzstan

Kulagin S.V., Sagymbaev S.S. On the wintering of waterfowl on the Issyk-Kul lake..2 7 9 Kulikova O.Ya., Pokrovskiy I.G. Successful breeding of Rough-legged Buzzard in the absence of small mammals in the tundra

Kuranova B.D. Breeding biology of pied flycatchers at the eastern borders of distribution

Kurdyukov A.B. The population of birds of virgin forests of southern Sikhote-Alin:

ecological basis of high abundance and species diversity

Kukhta A.E. Some features of different-sized municipal landfills use by birds...2 8 4 Kydyrmanov A.I., Sayatov M.Kh., Karamendin K.O., Asanova S.E., Daulbaeva K.D., Khan E.Ya., Gavrilov A.E., Kasymbekov E.T., Zhumatov K.Kh. The spread of influenza A viruses in wild bird populations in Kazakhstan (2002-2013)....2 8 5 Lanovenko E.N., Filatov A.K., Shernazarov E., Azimov N. Avifaunal findings in Uzbekistan at the beginning of the XXI century

Lanovenko E.N., Shernazarov E., Filatov A.K. The number of wintering waterbirds on Lake Dengizkul in Uzbekistan over the past 30 years

Lebedeva G.P. Ornithological observations of estuary of Vityazevsky in Krasnodar Territory

Lebedeva G.P., Sirotyuk V.M., Ivanova M.A. Records of albino birds in the Middle Volga

Lebedeva N.V. State of waterbird populations and experience in maintaining their number and diversity in the south of European Russia

Levin A.S. The negative impact of overhead 6-10 kV power lines on number of birds of prey in Kazakhstan

Lelyukhina E.V., Val'chuk O.P., Chernyshova O.A. Verifying the effectiveness of using the wing formula in determining the geographical origin of transit migrants of Yellow-browed Warbler in in Southern Primorye

Leoke D.Yu., Bulyuk V.N. What factors affect the efficiency of feeding of robins at stops during the spring migration?

Leonova T.Sh. To studying anthropotolerance of House and Tree sparrows in Kazan City

Livanov S.G., Vartapetov L.G., Livanova N.N., Ishigenova L.A. Peculiarities of spatial heterogeneity of summer bird population of the Northern Urals.....2 9 7 Listopadskiy M.A. What species of bird is considered dendrophilous?..............2 9 9 Litvinenko N.A., Savchenko I.A. About moult of Hazel Grouse in Central Siberia

Likhachyova E.A., Romanov V.V. Color polymorphism of Rock Pigeon in some cities of the Vladimir region

Lobkov E.G. Trends of dynamics of the avifauna of the bird population in Kamchatka in the last 50 years

Lobkov E.G., Artyukhin Yu.B., Gerasimov Yu.N. Population status of Sterna camtschatica in Kamchatka

Lobkov E.G., Lobkoav L.E. Biocenotic connections of birds with insects in extreme conditions of hydrothermal systems in Kamchatka

Loskutova N.M., Naumkin D.V. On the status of residence of birds in the Basegi reserve and its surroundings (RUS)

Loschagina Yu.A., Tsvey A.L. Comparison of the physiological state of passerine birds during spring and autumn migration

Lugovoy A.E. About bilateral international lists of border faunas in need of increased attention

Lupinos M.Yu. Anthropogenic transformation of fauna and the population of breeding birds in the urbanization process (on the example of Tyumen city)............3 1 1 Lykov E.L. On the formation of urban bird populations in the Palearctic...........3 1 2 Lykov E.L., Shubina Yu.E., Federyakina I.A. Material of anthoropogenic origin in of the blackbird nests in the Kaliningrad region

Makarova T.V. Ecology of Long-eared and Short-Eared owls in non-nesting period in the European part of Russia

Malovichko L.V. Distribution and structure of breeding populations of hollownesting birds in Stavropol

Malovichko L.V., Pykhov S.G. Avifauna of livestock complexes in southern Russia

Martynovich N.V., Filippov A.G., Zelenkov N.V., Volkova N.V. Ancient bird fauna of the Baikal region

Maslovskiy K.S., Val'chuk O.P. Autumn migration of three species of of nightingales (Luscinia cyane, L. sibilans L. calliope) in Southern Primorye...............3 2 0 Matveeva G.K., Kryukova L.A., Yurchenko V.V., Militdinova Yu.A., Durasova Yu.I.

The dynamics of phenotypic variability of Common Gull in colony of the island Turenets, Perm

Matyukhin A.V. Fleas (Siphonaptera) of birds nesting in hollows in Moscow and the Moscow Region

Matyukhin A.V., Bashmakov A.A., Parfyonov A.V. On the extension of the range of the desert wheatear to the west

Matyukhin A.V., Boyko E.A. Flies (Ornithine: Diptera) of birds nesting in hollow in Moscow and Moscow region

Makhrova O.K. Ecological structure of avifauna of Guberlin Upland...............3 2 6 Melnikov V.N. The ornithological situation at landfill site and surrounding areas, located in the area of Ivanovo Airport

Melnikova E.Yu., Belyachenko A.V., Belyachenko A.A. The spatial distribution of Woodpeckers in winter in urban landscape of Saratov City

Mel'nik O.N. Gull birds of continental bodies of water of southern Central Siberia

Mescheryagina S.G., Bachurin G.N. To spread of the Cuckoo race Yurok in the Palearctic

Milobog Yu.V., Vetrov V.V. Distribution and abundance of Kestrel in the steppe zone of Ukraine

Mindlin G.A., Vorob'yov V.N. The effectiveness of the use of the Tawny Owl artificial nests in the mosaic forests of Belarussia

Mironov S.V., Zabashta A.V. Feather mites (Astigmata: Analgoidea, Pterolichoidea) of passerine birds of Rostov region

Mitrofanov O.B. To spread of the Steppe Eagle in the Altai Reserve.................3 3 7 Mitrofanov O.B., Bochkaryova E.N. Spatial heterogeneity of bird population of Eastern Altai in the first half of the summer

Mitiay I.S. Morphometric characteristics of eggs of altricial and precocial birds

Morozov V.V., Aarvak T., Oyen I.Y. The results of the study of the annual cycle of Lesser White-fronted Goose by methods of remote monitoring.................3 4 1 Morozov N.S., Khudyakov V.V., Panfilova I.M. Fieldfare in a big city: features of reproduction and reproductive losses due to predators

MoskalenkoV.N.,Belokon'M.M.,Belokon'Yu.S.,GoretskayaM.Ya.Extramaritalcopulation of Wood warbler in central Russia: implications for heterozygosity of chicks.3 4 3 Moskvitin S.S. Social ornithology and its modern problems in Russia...............3 4 4 Moskvitin S.S., Gashkov S.I., Kurbatskiy D.V., Surnaev V.N., Adam A.M. Territorial characteristics of spring migration of waterfowl in the Tomsk region........3 4 6 Moskvitin S.S., Fominykh S.F. History of Tomsk (Siberia) Ornithological Society

Moskvichyov A.N. A new strategy of rooks nesting in Ulyanovsk in the 2000s...3 5 0 Mosolova E.Yu., Tabachishin V.G., Shlyakhtin G.V. The dynamics of the spread of Black redstart in the European part of Russia

Mudrik E.A., Kashentseva T.A., Politov D.V. Sex ratio in the Siberian Crane chicks of the artificial population

Muzaev V.M., Erdnenov G.I. To the problem of the history of study and the current state of the avifauna of Kalmykia

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Nekhoroshev O.G. The number of starlings in the southeast of Western Siberia

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Birds as a component of parasitic systems of natural focal infections in the Rostov region

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Monitoring of population condition of geese and black geese in the limits of the migration routes as the basis for developing measures for their protection and sustainable use (on the example of long-term monitoring of their migration in Northern Kazakhstan)

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Rustamov E.A., Saparmuradov D.S., Annaev B.M., Nurmukhamedov S.N. First records of waterbirds wintering on Ogurdzhaly lake, Eastern Caspian.....4 2 5 Ryzhanovskiy V.N. Annual molting cycles of Willow warbler, migrating to Africa, and Arctic Warbler, migrating to Asia: comparative aspect

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Savchenko P.A., Savchenko A.P., Emel'yanov V.I., Savchenko I.A., Karpova N.V., Temerova V.L. Participation of wild and synantropic birds in circulation of influenza virus A on the territory of Central Siberia

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choice of winds and compensation of the lateral drift

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Sklyarenko S.L., Shmygaleva T.R. Key ornithological territories as elements of ecological network of Kazakhstan

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Sultanov E.G., Agabalaev F.A. To the characteristics of ornithofauna and bird population of Altyagach national part on the South-Eastern slopes of Great Caucasus

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Tarasavskaya N.E. About adaptive strategies and fertility of Magpie in Pavlidar city area

Tarasavskaya N.E., Zhumabekova B.K. Trophic niche and feeding strategy of synantropic birds

Tarasavskaya N.E., Zhumabekova B.K. Species composition and ecological groups of synantropic birds of Pavlodar city

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To be or not to be for the Spoon-billed Sandpiper: population monitoring in Southern Chukotka

Trufanova E.I., Numerov A.D. Green plants in nests of Common Starling: ornament or anti-parasitic measure

Trukhina A.V., Lukina N.A., Nekrasova A.A., Smirnova A.F. Epigenetic regulation of sex determination and development in birds

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Khlopotov A.V., Shershnev M.Yu. Nesting group of Saker Falcon in Reka Chusovaya nature park, Sverdlovskaya oblast

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Khrokov V.V. To the feeding behavior of Temminck's Stint

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Population and distribution of Quail in forest steppe of Western Siberia...5 1 9 Chayka K.V. Ecological role and economic importance of Great Cormorant in ecosystem of Kurshskiy bay of the Baltic Sea

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review of records and changes of the last years

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Shelyagina D.V. Species composition and population number of birds of steppe ecosystems in Chulym-Yenisey depression

Shelyagina D.V., Baranova A.A. Materials to the birds' population number and biology of steppe ecosystems of Ubsunur depression

Shepel A.I., Fufachev I.A. Saker Falcon in Permskiy kray.

Shergalin E.E. Interest of famous people of Northern Eurasia to birds..............5 4 0 Shergalin E.E., Belik V.P. The Red Data Book of unpublished manuscripts about birds, written by ornithologists of Northern Eurasia

Shergalin E.E., Il'yashenko V.Yu. About archive creation of historic photo-materials and other documents about Northern Eurasian ornithologists

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Shilo V.A., Klimova S.N. Study of White-headed Duck conservation in Siberia 5 4 5 Shitikov D.A., Vaytina T.M., Gagieva V.A. Influence of reproduction success of Whinchat on adherence to the nesting region

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Shul'ga S.N., Rudenko A.G., Kovalenko V.M., Shemshina N.V. Attraction to nesting and protection regime intensification in aggregation sites of Great White Pelican in Dzharylgachskiy national park

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Yudkin V.A. Summary of development of bird distribution mapping..................5 5 9 Yufereva V.V., Telpov V.A., Gerasimenko T.V., Grigor'yeva A.S. About ornithological knowledge popularization in Caucasus Mineral Waters region..................5 6 1 Yablonovskaya-Grischenko E.D., Grischenko V.N. Song dialects of Common Chaffinch in Southern Ukraine

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